• A good contract enables your organization to get the maximum benefit, helps you establish good customer relations and earns you better respect in today’s market. It enhances your credibility and reflects your professional approach towards conducting business. Here are a few guidelines:
    • Start by spending time on understanding client requirements, change management procedures, escalation process, payment methods etc.
    • Share the information with team members, discuss and formulate the document giving attention to the minute details.
    • Describe each and every functionality and process thoroughly, even if it involves lot of time and resources.
    • State assumptions clearly, define the governance structure and give complete outline of the project management procedures.
    • Be SMART in setting the objectives and set realistic timelines.
    • Mention warranty terms, maintenance agreement, service levels and other important terms and conditions.
    • Adopt simple and straight-forward language that’s not only easy to understand but also eliminates ambiguities
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