• An agreement with your client to deliver a mobile application within a certain time frame and budget
    • Purpose Statement / Objective – Company ABC will provide end-to-end mobile application development services to Client XYZ in a collaborative environment to meet the business objectives of Client XYZ. The application should be interactive, easy to use and meet the marketing requirements of Client XYZ.
    • Scope of Work – Company ABC will gather the requirements, analyse, design, develop, implement, test and integrate the application according to the guidelines and schedules stated in the contract. Provide a detailed list of deliverables, processes involved, end products, review and approval process etc.
    • Schedule – Company ABC will deliver the project to Client XYZ by so and so date, providing weekly status reports and project updates. Define the task / project start and finish dates, timelines for different phases of the project and the various milestones.
    • Price – It should clearly define the project cost for developing the application, resource expenses, overheads, pricing assumptions based on fixed-fee or time and materials project, payment terms and schedule etc.
    • Key Assumptions – This must define the conditions on which the project depends. For example, in this case, one assumption could be ‘Delays in UX design approval from client XYZ will lead to project kick-off delays’ etc.
    • Acceptance – This must clearly outline the inspection requirements, testing and validation processes, approval process, client sign-offs and acceptance.
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