Design Contracts

  • The Contract is a formal document that describes the work activities, deliverables, timelines and milestones, pricing, quality requirements and governance terms and conditions etc.
    • It helps in the smooth functioning of a project/work contract wherein both parties can avoid ambiguities and situations leading to dispute.
  • A standard document contains the following elements:
    • Objectives /Purpose Statement
    • Scope of Work
    • Schedule
    • Price
    • Key Assumptions
    • Acceptance
  • Challenges Faced in Creating a good Contract
    • Complex in Nature
      Attention to detail. Cover all unique aspects of the project
    • Risks Involved
      Financial Implications
      Violation of Agreement
    • Need for Expertise
      Written with knowledge of the skills required for the project (especially difficult for the web)
    • Considerable time
      Don't jump into the project without taking the appropriate time and communication process. Make sure everyone is on board!
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