Tuesday 25 Jun 2024
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Good Morning Web Design I

Welcome to Design Photography, a small personal company that provides all facets of Multimedia Design including photography, web design, video, print and layout and, yes, even choreography and dance. So, in the most part, it is a web site that encompasses the services that I can provide on all levels of creative development and identity for individual clients and corporations. This site is divided into four main sections: Photography, Portfolio, Performing Arts, and general information. The divisions are comprised of the different services I have to offer.

In photography, are slideshows of the major subjects that I photograph professionally. "Dance" represents photography of dance performances, rehearsals and studio shots. "Dancing in the Elements" encompasses my two greatest passions: the environment and dance and combining the two aesthetics. I was lucky enough to find some fellow artists who were willing to be photographed in remote locations as well as a few of myself (Thank goodness for tripods). "Small World" represents microphotography exploring the beauty of individual subjects in close focus that produced some of the most satisfying results. "Southwest" is the photography of my favorite geographic locations in the United States – particularly Utah and Arizona Canyon lands. "Close to Home" is the gallery dedicated to my home state of Colorado. "Far Away Places" are the photographs of places around the country and the world taken as I worked with national and international performing companies. And finally, "Illustrations", showcases digital art drawings, paintings and illustrations. Be sure to visit the photo gallery – an interactive elevator that showcase samplings of each gallery.

In Portfolio, is a showcase of print, design, web design, ads, logos and video. It is what I consider the multimedia portfolio section of this website to demonstrate some of the professional designs I have done for clients in the past few years. If you are interested in my design services please visit this
section to get an idea of my background and the services I have to offer.

In Performing Arts I compiled some videos of my performances with professional companies and guest appearances. Also included are photos, resumes and headshots for Music Theatre, Dance and Choreography. Please visit this section if you are interested in my services as a dancer, singer, actor or choreographer.

Please explore my site and feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments or inquiries. Or please just let me know you where here. Cheers.

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