Creating a testing server

  • Download:
    • MAMP (for Mac OS - My (Mac) Apache Mysql PHP - old version php 5)
    • WAMP (for Windows) download the 32 bit version
  • For WAMP instructions view the video tutorial
  • Download the free version for your operating system
  • Unzip and install in the "Applications" folder
  • Click the MAMP icon to start servers and Mysql
  • To test: click "Open Start Page" button. You should get the URL http://localhost:8888. This is the root directory of your local server.
  • Now to build a website using the local server, open Dreamweaver and create a new site:
    site>new site
  • Name the site and locate the folder: Applications=>MAMP=>htdocs (this is your local folder)
  • Now go to the servers section and click the "+" and the connect option local/network then choose the same directory Applications=>MAMP=>htdocs and for the URL type localhost:8888
  • Click save then uncheck remote and check testing:
  • With your server running you can now view php code in the browser
  • To use a database wizard you will need to download a depricated extension into Dreamweaver:
    Server Behaviors and Database
    I strongly recommend installing Dreamweaver 2015 for this because there is a new feature in 2017 (live preview) which mucks up the process
    Installing a previous version of DW
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