Group strategies
  • All members find a theme and present to the group and explain why they like the particular theme
    • It's fine if two or more people come up with the same theme
  • As a group try each theme and decide which one works best
    • This allows the opportunity to work with Wordpress and understand how it works
  • Sitemaps and Wireframes logic will be a group activity but each individual will submit their own version
    • Technical overview forthcoming
  • Each person will design their own comps in a layout program based on the themes they have been working with and present to the group and turn in for a grade in pdf format
    • The group will decide on the design
  • As a group build the site in Wordpress
    • Assign different sections, pages and posts
    • For instance, one person can work on the front page, one person the banner, another person the logo, another person the ecommerce layout etc.
  • Keep in mind that as you progress things will change and you have to keep an open mind and open communications. If there is a point where communications break down, I will step in as arbitrator


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