• Now it's time to redesign the Discount Embroidery Supply website
  • Phase 2
    • Create a design comp for the client
    • Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign (or Muse if you want it interactive) create the look and feel of the new design. Also consider how it will look for your portfolio
    • Keep two things in mind:
      • The Wordpress theme you are using
        • Keep the layout and functionality within the scope of your chosen theme
        • Consider certain (free) plugins for testing to see what functionality is available to your design specs
      • The Sitemaps/wireframes that you and your group created
    • Pages:
      • Device overview page (see Photoshop template)
      • Home page
      • Shop or category page (some of you have a product splash page so you would need to include that as well)
      • Product page
      • Information page (ex: About, FAQ, Contact, etc)
    • Remember this is not about how little you can do to get by, but how you will communicate to the client how the site will look and work
    • Design comps due Tues Dec 8
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