• Now it's time to redesign the Discount Embroidery Supply website
  • Phase 1
    • Create an Information Architecture
    • Explore the website to get a better understanding of how things should be structured
    • Divide into groups and make a list of all the links and then come up with main categories and sub page listings for a clean easy to follow navigation system
    • Determine the best ecommerce system...consider how successful websites like Amazon work
      • Produce a wireframe that would detail how the ecommerce system would work
      • Product category page
      • Individual product page
    • Once all groups come up with an navigation hierarchy we will come together as a class and discuss the different interfaces
    • Then everyone will submit a final site map and a wireframe of the ecommerce pages for the grade
      • Both should be in printed format
      • Wireframe can be Illustrator/Photoshop/Balsamiq/ hand-drawn
      • Site map example - ExampleProcess
      • Wireframe examples Examples
    • UX Demonstration Thurs Nov 19
    • Sitemaps and Wireframes Tues Nov 24
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