New Client
  • Good news! Somehow word got out about how talented you all are and someone wants to hire you as a design team!
  • First we need to come up with a name
    • My position will be Creative Director
  • Our first order is to create patterns for Discount Embroidery Supplies
  • Each of you should create 3 different design patterns (look on the site for examples)
    • Could be repeating or singular design
    • Can be put on a blanket, t-shirt, tablecloth, etc (a swatch)
    • They want something creative, eye catching, colorful or black and white
    • It needs to be timeless and appealing to all ages (no vulgarity or offensive)
    • Can be words, images, patterns
    • Can't be photographs or furry
  • The example they gave me was one that they really liked was the word dragon done by a graphic image of a dragon
  • All three images should be saved in pdf format (flattened), CMYK, 300ppi, file W/H your discretion
  • Due Sept 10
    20 points
    Following directions - 5pts
    Design Process - 10pts
    Presentation (file naming, File size, Appearance) - 5pts


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