1. Iframes are very easy to write, but the Dreamweaver interface is not - I suggest you copy/paste the following code into code view of your file:
<iframe src="http://google.com" allowtransparency="false" frameborder="1" height="200" width="400" scrolling="yes" name="frame" ></iframe>

  • Src= link to the html page in the frame
  • allowtransparency= lets the background of the orginal page be seen (or not if it is set to "false"
  • Frameborder= no border = 0, 1 pixel etc.
  • height and width= the size of the frame
  • scrolling= yes if you want content larger frame to be seen by scrolling (will add scroll bars). No, if you want no scroll bars and content larger than the frame to not be seen
  • name= if you want links to target the frame. Check out Rider's site as an example
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